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FATFORM T-shirts: € 20,-

Haute couturial swag

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband, because FATFORM T-shirts are on sale! WHA WHA? All sizes available in pimp approved shades of purple, pink, yellow and chocolata with white glory. Designed by Roosje Klap, aka Soul Klap, aka The Klappy Klap.  I digress. These t’s will make you the belle of the art balls, the authority on all that is good, the guy/girl they mistake for some celebrity they don’t quite remember the name of, but they will go on and take your picture anyway, and a few autographs later, you will be happy you dropped just 20 Euros on this little piece of haute couturial swag.



Blodfet LP: € 15,-                                                              Blodfet tape: € 10,-

From Tuscany to Provence

New release on mother label Borft (Karlskrone, SE), ‘From Tuscany to Provence’, the much anticipated finest 10″ vinyl by Jonas Ohlsson, (and no, he’s not the brother of those miniature trolls the Olson Twins). He’s his own great and mighty trolled pied piper, a masterful DJ/musician bringing all the meaty beats from the streets of Detroit, Rio, Stockholm and back to Amsterdam again…So I really don’t know why the hell he called his album ‘From Tuscany to Provence’.

The album costs €15,- and the tape €10: if you buy both, you get them for the very special price of €25. Escandaloso!


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