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FATFORM is an ongoing art project on the rooftop of the Kraaiennest Shopping Centre in Amsterdam -Zuidoost that was started by
Daniela Bershan, Robert Dupic, Kaleb de Groot and Jonas Ohlsson in 2010.

The first FATFORM happened July 24th until August 1st 2010 on the rooftop of the Kraaiennest Shopping Centre

The police has shut us down the first weekend but the second weekend we were back strong, even more beautiful and legal! In total we had about 800 guests from Bijlmer, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Brussels, Antwerpen, New York, Stockholm, Saarbruecken, Hamburg, Paramaribo, Paris and more…
Many collaborations between artists from different backgrounds and disciplines took place and will take place in the future. Uncountable discussions were held on art, music, politics and life.
It was a magical experience that felt honest and real and now that it is over much more like a beginning than an end.
We would like to thank you all for the amazing support you have given us and hope to be welcoming you back in the future. Below you find some impressions of FATFORM.

CIA Funky Fresh, Warrior, Minstral Productions, artworks by Lieven Segers and Michele Matyn, Gabriel Lester and Kaleb de Groot at the FATbar, DJ Bushdoof and more…


Sabrina Seifried

Antwerpen based fashion soldier and artist Sabrina Seifried produced a beautiful mural live during the FATFORM. The result a this funky b/w drawing which is more than six meters long.

Andre Amaral made this carpet from grass

Lester & Friends

Lester blew us away with his honest and raw performance and the special appearance of a unknown amazing musician.

Michele Matyn showed this enlarged polaroid

Gikkels performed his hits “Belachelijk” and “Doofpot” amongst new material that we will soon hear on his coming up album we are all waiting for.

Kaleb de Groots sculpture

Carlos Antonio de Mattos working on his live drawing installation – Future Bijlmer Favela Fusion

Johann from Hallo Gallo made a noize performance.

Marcel La Rose and Daniela Bershan

FUMACE – Parade through the Bijlmer by Alexandre Vogler

It has been a bumpy start for FATFORM last weekend. The FUMACE had an accident and was stopped by the police so it never arrived here at Kraaiennest.On Sunday the 1st of August from 15:00 – 16:00 the Brazilian Artist Alexandre Vogler will give it another shot to drive through the Bijlmer with his work FUMACE – a herbal mass cleansing street parade through the Bijlmer which will arrive back at the FATFORM around 16:00 o’clock.

Guga Ferraz on his way with the FUMACE by Alexandre Vogler

FATFORM reboud – flyer for the second weekend

Samen Sterk on the roof!!!

One of the exhibition spaces at the first weekend. A.o. works by Magnus Moonfeldt, Jonas Ohlsson, Carlos A. de Mattos

The spirit was so great that even when the police shut us down the program went on in the VINGER studio @Kruitberg. It was the skinny form but it was FAT!!! Sensiriti Sound played with Phantom and Nedra plus some new kids on the block showed their talent. Thumbs up for the Bijlmer!

Dret & Krulle performing BEESTACHTIG

The exhibition is open from Saturday July 24th t/m August 1st 2010. On the weekends we will be open from 12:00 – 22:00 and during the week from 12:00 – 18:00. During the weekends we have many additional events. Please check the program below for details. Changes may occur.

Sculpture     Andre Amaral
Perfomance    Gabriel Lester
Sculpture     Guga Ferraz
Installation  Manja Hunger
Sculpture     Ad de Jong
Installation  Robert Dupic
Graffits      Carlos Antonio de Mattos(live)
Wallpainting  Sabrina Seifried (live)
Wallpaintig   Jonas Ohlsson(live)
Sculpture     Kaleb de Groot
Sculpture     Alexandre Vogler
Video         Margit Leisner
Video         Magnus Moonfeld
Sculpture     Daniela Bershan
Installation  Lieven Segers
Foto          Michele Matyn

Saturday July 31st
13:00 Doors Open
16:00 Hallo Gallo
17:30 Lester & Friends
18:00 Zakzakenbof
19:00 Tantao
19:30 Hakki Takki
21:00 Rex & Undercover
21:30 MC Chuparinha


Sunday August 1st

14:00 Two Dogs and a DJ
15:00 DJ Tiny Tim/Sensiriti Sound presenting Ndjougoup Soundsystem from Senegal

16:00 PRESENTATION & OFFICIAL LAUNCH VIRTUAL STREET by Sara Mattens and Jeffrey Croese/Vinger.NL and a virtual surprise host.
with performances by Rex&Undercover, M.O.&Brakko and Sensiriti Sound

18:00 DJ Andre Amaral, dinner & drinks
22:00 End of Program

Saturday July 24th – OPENING DAY

12:00    Doors Open
15:00    Official Opening with Gabriel LesterStage
16:00    Minstrel Productions presents music from the Bijlmer; CIA Funky fresh, Minstrel, Warior, FireStorm & Agha.
16:45 Tantao (Black Future)
17:00 Sensiriti Sound
18:15 Ad de Jong Sound Message
18:20 Performance Eugen Georg
18:40 DJ Bushdoof
20:30 M.O. en Brakko
21:00 DJ Jane Doe
22:00 DJ Andre Amaral23:00 DRET & KRULLE
23:30 Baba Electronica & DJ Lonely

Sunday July 25th

12:00 Doors Open
15:00 DJ Krokofreezy
16:00 “Op De Grind” (W)rap Session van Kenneth Aidoo
16:30 Young Talents from the Bijlmer
16:50 Andre Amaral Afternoon Session
18:00 Sensiriti Sound
18:45 Phantom
19:00 Nedra
19:15 Ad de Jong Sound Message
20:00 Rex & Undercover


DJ Andre Amaral from Rio and DJ Jane Doe from the Bijlmer

Manja Hungers work on the first weekend

Minstrel Productions

Drawing installation by Carlos Antonio de Mattos

Sculpture by Robert Dupic


Happy crowd



In 2011 FATFORM will continue with the joined efforts of FFFUCK.ORG and VINGER.NL